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School Wide Positive Behaviour for Learning SWPB4L

This is a behaviour management programme designed to enhance learning.  It has been introduced in some schools in the Nelson Area including Stoke Primary and Nayland College.  All colleges in New Zealand will be required to undertake the programme over the next few years.

SWPB4L helps school communities develop specific behaviour expectations (for us it is the STAR rules) then explicitly teaches these expectations with rewards  for appropriate behaviour and consequences for inappropriate behaviour.  The emphasis is on maintaining positive relationships between people and reteaching rather than punishing.

In practice it enables effective instruction to take place,  reducing problem behaviours and increasing school safety and predictability.

 Please view the Parents Introduction to SWPB4L which was shown at the “Meet the Teacher Night”.

 We have a  rules for:

  • The School
  • The Classroom
  • To and from School
  • The Playground
  • The Bike Shed, Te Puna, P.E Shed etc…

 This is our “Broadgreen Way”.

Your child should be able to tell you about our STAR rewards, house points and our Incentive Scheme.

 If you would like to know more you could visit the following web site: Positive Behaviour for Learning

 Or speak to your child's teacher.

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